Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Best of 2015

2015 was a whirlwind of great week-end adventures and one long back-packing trip.  I think I logged close to 40 nights camping, 25 of them with Izzy and the kids.  National Parks visited included: Teton, Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Arches, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain, Yosemite, Kings, Sequoia, and Death Valley. And oh so many good times with Family, Friends, and the Mountains.    

 NOVEMBER: I can never get enough of Zion. This was taken from the Summit of East Temple. A long time objective that Spencer put me up to.  We scrambled most    

Fell off a stupid cliff in Willard Canyon then stumbled down stream on busted legs, losing right shoe on the way.  Then made a shoe out of tape and my torn shirt.  The rest of the shirt stopped the gusher on my knee. Lost phone and glasses in stream to..errrgg

Found the shoe 5 weeks later!

Wedge run


Outside City of Rocks

Thanks Spence for the steed and Court for not telling me this trail was not for bikes.

Attempt at he Amethyst Ultimate Ridge Link-Up.  Nailed Lammott, Ostler and Spread Eagle then got nailed by storm
Bald Mtn

Coming down Gilbert after the Triple Crown. Barely missed the FKT

Evening run up Raymond and the KNob

Family reunion in ID

How Pete likes to start 220 mile journeys across the most rugged terrain in the country. JMT

Castle Valley from on of the La Sal Range peaks. Did the whole range link-up. Awesome

Stupid thief. At 90th south UTA park in ride

Yay the Weilers are in Town

Sexy Beast Hancey on da Grand

Fledgling Rockstar Sister

Morning pacing duties at Wasatch 100

50 mile mark, Tony Grove, at Bear 100. Misses sub 24 hrs by 8 MINUTES!!! Best run of my life.... but hurt

Jr Ranger Princess

One of 3 trips with David to get Petrified Wood. This stump remained

Biking the Wasatch Crest.  First time seeing Desolation in the Day I think. wow

Start of Telephone Slot in Zion. We linked it with Behunion and Lady Mtn to round our the day

Finally made it up East Temple in Zion. Wow

View from East Temple towards West Temple

Top of Lady Mtn

Aang on the one "hard" part of Lady Mtn scramble

Winter is nie

Found some warm coals on my run up above my house after work and got this going with a little O2

Halloween on Mount Olympus with Aanng. I am Zuko

Lady of the Glacial Wonderland on Timp

Biked 67 miles from my door to trail head then summitted Timp


Indian Creek


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