Tuesday, August 11, 2015

John Muir Trail

Back in 2007 my good buddies and I hiked all the way across the Uintah High Line Trail, some 85 miles.  During that hike, Brooks mentioned this trail in California that I had never heard of, the John Muir Trail. "200+ miles of the prettiest mountain terrain in the world."  Ever since then, the JMT has been in the back of my mind, though I never gave it much serious consideration due to the amount of time most people hike it, 15-20 days.  It is not really possible to get away for that much time and too long (for me) to run in one push (Fastest Known Time is 3 days and change).  Then it hit me to just "fast-pack" it, ie go as light as I flippin could and do it in a week.  Fast forward to July and I had the permits and Pete on board.  

Izzy pretty much made the whole thing possible by dropping us off and picking us up, and in the meantime going to the beach and Disneyland with my Sis and the kiddos.  

My biggest take away from the hike was that long days are tough, but long days over and over again are tougher than I expected. Both Pete and I agreed that we have not suffered willingly through that much fatigue and pain for so long of a time.  Worth it...?? Just look at the pics!

Day 1 10:30 am start
Happy Isles Yosemite - Tuolomne Meadows
w/ Summit of Cathedral Peak
25 Miles, 7390 ft Vert, 8:00 hrs

Day 2
Tuolomne Meadows - Lake Gladys
27 Miles, 4335 ft Vert, 11:30 hrs

Day 3
Lake Gladys - Cascade Valley Trail (1.4 Miles up)
26.1 Miles, 4264 ft Vert, 12:23 hrs

Day 4
Cascade Valley Trail  - Paiute Pass Trail Bridge
32.8 Miles, 5622 ft Vert, 11:56 hrs

Day 5
Paiute Pass Trail Bridge - Palisade Creek
29.4 Miles, 4056 ft Vert, 13:04 hrs

Day 6
Palisade Creek  - 2 Miles Past Swinging Bridge (South Fork Tr)
29.6 Miles, 6700 ft Vert, 12:35 hrs

Day 7
2 Miles Past Swinging Bridge - Crabtree Meadow
34.8 Miles, 7136 ft Vert, 12:26 hrs

Day 8 8:18 am Finish
Crabtree Meadow- Whitney Portal
w/ Summit of Mount Whitney
18.8 Miles, 3743 ft Vert, 7:16 hrs

Total Miles 223.5,  43,246 ft Vert, Running Time, 89:10 hrs,
Elapsed Time (to Whitney) - 6 days 22:45 hrs.

PETE's shoes before the hike....

Climbing Cathedral Peak. Can you see 1/2 Dome??

Last indulgences from the Tuolomne store 

Ruby Lake

Garnet Lake

Outside Reds

Finally drying out a bit after miles n miles in the rain

Go Light

Approaching Silver Pass


Evolution Basin

Evolution Traverse

Muir Pass

Approaching the Golden Staircase

Mather Pass

Pinchot Pass

Glen Pass

Forester Pass: Last One!!! 

Yay for the Sawyer Filter!